Form Preparation

Are you too nervous to prepare your child’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and CSS/Financial Aid Profile forms, and perhaps the Non-Custodial parent form??

We understand these forms can be confusing and that you may not be sure what you are disclosing or where. Or you may simply not want to, nor have the time to do it, and we are here for you either way.

Here at College Aid Consulting, we will easily fill out the forms for you alleviating your fear and anxiety that applying for financial aid can cause for many parents and we will  save you  lots of precious time as these can be extremely frustrating for someone who is not familiar with the process.

The FAFSA is the gateway application to financial aid and making mistakes can cost you money or time, or both……

The CSS/Financial Aid Profile  is primarily designed to give some colleges a closer look into the finances of the student and their family... and is much more detailed than the FAFSA.

In the case of divorced parents, the Non-Custodial form is sometimes required as many colleges believe strongly that it is the responsibility of both biological/adoptive parents to pay for the student's college expenses, regardless of where, or with whom, the child lives.

We have a flat fee schedule to prepare and submit the FAFSA, CSS/Financial Aid Profile and Noncustodial Profile and our preparation fee is the same whether you have one school or 20 schools.

Traditionally, the financial aid forms are submitted using estimated income numbers before most families have even completed their prior year’s tax return.  This fee also includes updating the FAFSA, for the current year, with the actual income information from your completed tax return.

Our current fees for an initial filing:

FAFSA only: $550  (Free Registration) buy-button-sm-new

FAFSA & CSS/Financial Aid Profile : $1,125


Non-Custodial only: $375  (The Noncustodial Profile $25 fee is not included) buy-button-sm-new

FAFSA, CSS/Financial Aid Profile and Noncustodial Profile : $1,500  buy-button-sm-new

($9.00 Registration Fee for CSS/Financial Aid Profile and $16/school filing fees are not included)

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Want us to do it all for you?

In addition to helping with the financial aid forms, we can help with the entire process of applying for financial aid.

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