Complete Concierge Services

Can’t you just do everything for us?

Our Complete Concierge Service includes all the services offered in our Form Preparation Service (filing your FAFSA, CSS/Financial Aid Profile, and Non-Custodial forms), assistance with any of the other forms required by the colleges chosen by your student in order to create a complete financial aid application file, as well as navigating the entire process of applying for financial aid.

And we do it all for you!

This package includes the following:

  1. Preparation and submission of FAFSA, CSS/Financial Aid Profile and Noncustodial Profile forms.
  2. Preparation and submission of any additional paperwork required pursuant to each college deadlines.
  3. Review of financial aid offers that you receive, and where appropriate, assist with financial aid appeals.
  4. Assistance with any special circumstances that may arise.
  5. Assistance with the actual loan process.
  6. Help with identifying any financial aid strategies to reduce your EFC
  7. Review of colleges where your child is more likely to receive financial aid. 

Current fee for Complete Concierge Services - $3000

The registration and filing fees for the CSS/Financial Aid Profile and Noncustodial Profile  are not included.  Current costs for the CSS/Financial Aid Profile are $9.00 registration fee and $16 per school filing fees. The fee for the Noncustodial Profile is $25.

Payment Options

Sinlge Payment of $3000

2 Payments of $1500 for 2 months

3 Payments of $1000 for 3 months

6 Payments of $550 for 6 months


Please note:

By selecting installment payments, you agree to have your credit card charged
for the first installment immediately. Then, approximately every 30 to 31 days, each remaining installment will be billed to the credit card used on the order. Billing dates are set according to the initial purchase date; billing dates for future installments can’t be customized or changed.

If you need help renewing your aid at your current school please click here for our renewal fees.