College Selection

College Selection Service

You know your AidProfile now what?

You've identified the types of schools that represent what is probably your best chance for getting financial assistance to attend college.  Do you want help in researching a list specific to your student's AidProfile?  We can help you two ways:

1) Not sure where you want to go yet?  We can generate a list of up to 100 colleges that fall into the criteria you provide. For example, if your child wants to major in Biology, English or Economics, we can generate a list of up to 100 colleges in America that offer that are likely to give money towards your child’s college costs.   Not every major or AidProfile will provide the same number of colleges that will fit your criteria or budget.

2) Or... If you already have a list prepared by your college counselor or consultant, let us scrub up to 30 colleges to determine who should be the most affordable based on your AidProfile.

Eliminate disappointment!  A list like this will enable you to focus on visiting colleges that are within your financial means, or it will show you which schools should likely offer you a good package.

Build me a list up to 100 Colleges - $1000

Scrub My list up to 30 Colleges - $500