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Almost any family can get money if you know where to look. Use our AidProfiler consultation to find your aid sweetspot and unearth the colleges that fit your lifestyle and budget.

The goal of the AidProfiler meeting is to identify how you should direct your college search with affordability in mind. Once we determine whether you are eligible for need-based financial aid or not, we point you toward which categories of colleges are more likely to provide you with financial assistance.

  • Is it colleges that offer generous amounts of need-based aid?
  • Lots of Merit Aid?
  • Maybe you are a single parent who won't receive much help with college costs from your student's other parent....
  • Or is it colleges that simply offer discounts on tuition to encourage students to attend?
  • Or is your biggest asset, your home equity, preventing you from qualifying for need-based aid?

We can identify a path to give you the help you need.

Stephanie will help you identify the colleges that will most likely give your child the best chance of receiving help with the college bill. Certain colleges weigh areas of your financial profile differently and determine some types of aid based on several different factors.

Additionally, Stephanie is a master at identifying colleges where your child is more likely to receive merit aid or tuition discounts. These monies are generally offered independent of need.

How It Works

During the AidProfiler meeting, Stephanie will assess your child’s college AidProfile. She will instantly provide you with estimates of your expected family contribution using the various formulas at her fingertips, and your likelihood of receiving need-based aid. Stephanie will also tell you where your aid eligibility might be better. (see chart below)

If Stephanie determines that you are not eligible, she will assess and identify where there might be opportunities for your family to receive financial assistance for college under your specific circumstances.

This diagnostic meeting is intended to help assess your current financial status and to identify the next steps in making a game plan to get help with the college bill.

You know you have to pay something....

but how much?

Get instant access to our college aid calculator

This is your one-stop-shop for need-based aid - conveniently located all in one place - all at the same time!

Our smart calculator will show you the colleges that will likely give you the best financial aid award packages.
  1. This example below shows you the first step in identifying the right target schools so that we can determine your eligibility for need-based aid.
  2. Using the income and asset information that you provide, we can instantly calculate your Expected Family Contribution ( EFC) using the three most common formulas.
  3. We can instantly show you (as seen in the example below) a solid estimate of your aid eligibility at the schools of your choice based upon the college's funding history.
    If your child does not yet have a list, we can provide a sample list to help you get a good understanding of your situation.
  4. This information will provide the bottom-line estimate of the family's actual out of pocket cost. (“Annual Cost” column = Your out of pocket cost)
  5. This invaluable information may surprise you. It's not uncommon to find that the least expensive school on your student's list may not necessarily have the lowest annual out of pocket cost, which is what you’ll end up paying.

If these projections determine that many of the schools are your list are out of your price range, we can quickly research new colleges that are affordable and can meet your child’s needs.

On the other hand, if the schools of your choice are affordable, you can proceed with peace of mind knowing that you can pay for the schools on your child’s list.

Initial Consultation $150
Please note:
We do not do any college admissions counseling.

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