A LA Carte Services

If you are in need of just a small amount of help or complete guidance, we can help you.

You may need help with many facets of the financial aid process and we can help you with anything that you find confusing or just need help with.

Many colleges have additional required forms, you may need help with an appeal, private scholarship forms, understanding the process of obtaining loans or help reviewing your financial aid awards.

Whatever it is, we are here to support you and hopefully make your experience a good one.

Choose one of our a la carte services:

  1. Institution Specific Financial Aid Forms (some colleges have their own forms in addition to the FAFSA and CSS/Financial Aid Profile)
  2. Assistance With Appeals
  3. General Financial Aid Consulting
  4. Business Farm Supplement Form
  5. Reviewing Financial Aid Awards
  6. Financial Section of Private Scholarship Applications
  7. Anything Else.... Just Ask!
Our a la carte services are offered at $250 per hour. Please email to get a time estimate for the service(s) you require. Support@collegeaidconsulting.com